Why do I get such horrible range from the XBee-PRO 900HP vs the old XBee-PRO 900?

Been using the XBee-PRO 900 w/ Digimesh for a while now. Yesterday decided to test the new 900HP to see how much work it would be to upgrade to it. However, the range we get from the new module is less than half that of the old module.

Is this to be expected or did we maybe get unlucky with a bad module?

That sounds like you may have received a bad module.

I have tested both the 900 and 900HP and found the HP to have greater range.

What version of firmware are you running on the HP?
That may be an issue.

I also tested it with 10 modules (every 2) XBee-PRO 900 (XBP9B-DM version: 8067), with 24dBm/Outdoor LOS, test-sight range with 3.2 dBi antennas:
antenna 3.2 dBi/915Mhz, but the RSSI falls after 200 meters without any obstacle. Is there any configuration to improve this range? The manual says up to 4.5 miles (6.5km).

How high off the ground are the modules? When you say Outdoor line of sight, please describe the environment.

Also, are you seeing good packets coming through? Are you just relying on the RSSI?

Thank dboone … when you wrote “How high off the ground are the modules?” fix this by using the calculation, and put a 6 meters high. It was excellent: 1.7 kilometer range on a straight road, RSSI: -80 dBm, all good packets!! Very good. [My project is for the forest. The attenuation is very strong, got only 200 meters of range for now. I’m trying to improve it].

Hi dboone,
Could you please to share how to make both 900HP can communicate each other? I configure the 1st Xbee as router to transmit data and used Arduino with Xbee shield from Sparkfun. The 2nd Xbee as coordinator (Rx) using usb explorer and connect it to PC. However, both Xbees are unable to communicate. I already configured both Xbees properly using XCTU. I have no idea how to deal with. Thanks in advanced