Reinstall Problems

After reinstalling the Digi adapter it no longer starts at COM3, but is starting at COM11. Why?

When you install an adapter, the COM numbers get registered in the registry. If you reinstall an adapter or remove and add a new adapter, it may start at the next available COM port rather then reusing the COM ports.

Microsoft refers to this as a hidden device (see QArticle Q271523 for more information) or you can search on Digi’s web site Phantom Port Removal. This will help you remove the registrations so that the COM ports can be reused again.

I have the same problem but with Windows XP.
I read the Microsoft’s article but it’s not enought for resolve my problem. I search the Phantom Port Removal on Digi site, but I havent found. Please indicate me where I find the Phantom Port Removal.
Many tanhks for your help.
Best regards.