Relaying MODBus data via the S3B 900HP-programmable

I am considering developing a wireless solution to have a 900HP-programmable Coordinator node receive other 900HP-programmable router messages that are attached to remote devices via MODBus over RS485. I would like to try to avoid requiring the RF Modem product for the application. I know one aspect of this is level-shifting the physical signal (MAX485, etc.) but I am curious to know if anyone doing this had more success between:

1.) parsing/handling the information locally and then sending simple byte stream over the digimesh network


2.) using the routers as transparent nodes that simply act as wire replacement. This seems easy but to me the question would be, does mixing together the timing or character requirements between these two communication protocols (MODBus communication being repeated over 900HP’s DigiMesh) cause any complications?

That makes #1 seem better, but I’m not sure if I could find, or even have enough memory for, deploying code to this MC9SO8 chip that would include MODBus library support for parsing them locally.


There are plenty of folks to use the 900 HP for a transparent connection between devices that use the Modbus protocol. You just need to make sure that you set your timeouts properly.

As for enough code space for the Lib. that I do not know as I do not know anyone who as done that.