Remote DIO trough API/AT


I’ve been trying to set and reset a remote digital output trough remote AT commands API command:
7E00 1117 0100 13A2 0040 314C ECFF FE02 4434 2034 BE

7E 0011: Start delimiter and length
17: Remote AT command
01: frame index
00 13A2 0040 314C EC: Unit address
FF FE:Broadcast
02: Apply changes instantaneously
4434 2034: D4 4 AT command to set dio 4 low
BE: Checksum

the response frame indicates a invalid paramter…
Does anyone have some information on this?

Querying for the value of this parameter is not a problem.

Kind Regards

Hello Stoffels,

I think the parameter of the D4 command has to be sent in hexa, not in ASCII.
Instead of 2034, you’ll need to send 04 and it should work fine.

Zorglub and Stoffels,

Currently the DIO line passing and ADC options are not supported in the Digi Mesh modules. You will most likely need to wait till the next version of the firmware for these options.

I am currently using API to control a PLC and it is working great. Try using 7E 00 10 17 01 00 13 A2 00 40 31 4c EC FF FE 02 44 34 04 0E

If using the assemble packet withing X-CTU, don’t forget to change the radio button to HEX.