Remote reboot

Any way to natively remotely reboot a Connect ME “C” module? Some sort of undocumented parameter in netosprog.exe perhaps? I could add something to my program but if it is already there…

If you’ve included the ADDP driver, that’s got a reboot option. (And you could create a simple application that ‘just’ did a reboot, if you wanted)


The standard install should give you
This is the main exe file and there is also the Visual Studio project files on this path.

Version 7.3 of NetOS also provides a remote reboot on the CLI interface which yopu can access by Telnet


The standard password was ‘Netsilicon’ in versions 6.x I believe, I think that this may have been updated to ‘password’ around about version 7.

I think the password is derived from the APP_ROOT_PASSWORD constant in ‘appconf.h’, but as it is normaly stored in NVR even if it is changed here the value in NVR may not be updated so you will need to use the old one.

Apart from using the new CLI in V7.3 I do not know how to update the password from the default value that is there when the units ae shipped from the factory

That’s the discovery protocol, right? Yes, that is included but where would I start to write a windows app to generate a reboot?

Thanks for that. I didn’t even know that Finder program existed (is it even documented?). Very useful.

Another question on “Finder”. What password do you use by default and where is it setup? I keep getting authentication failures when trying to reboot.

Thanks - that was it. Any idea in Finder what the “Name” column is for and whether or not you can set a value in there? I can’t find any references to it in the ADDP stuff. I know I can change the product column with ADDP_HARDWARE_NAME but I can’t see any defines or NVRAM for “Name”.

The remote reboot uses the root password, which is initialised to whatever you’ve set it to in your project file - there’s no official way to change this at the moment.

I added some code to change the root password after boot (without saving it to NVR) so that the ‘real’ root password wasn’t exposed.

I believe Digi are looking in to this issue.

I was looking at the empty Name column in finder the other day and did some checking to try to find out how to set something up, but I had no luck with it either. Sorry!