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I am in the process of designing a solution for uploading custom firmware to “blank” modules. The modules are obviously not really blank because they run an FTP server that is used for uploading custom code. I have always been under the assumption that the code that is running on a “blank” module is basically equivalent to a NET+OS sample project with FTP and ADDP enabled. Can anyone confirm this? My goal here is to be able to recreate a blank module for testing, rather than having to test on a new module every time. If somone from Digi could actually send me the image.bin file that is used for blank modules, that would be ideal. But if I can recreate it, that would work as well. I’m just thinking that an older version of NET+OS is used for the factory modules, so I may not be able to recreate it exactly with my v7.3.

I’ve attached the shipping 6.x.2 ME firmware, it’s really just the FTP File Server Example.

Charlie, thanks for posting that file. Something is strange, though. The netosprog.exe program gives me an error when trying to upload new firmware to a module running this image.bin. The error is “Failed to open FTP session with error 12014”. I’ve snooped the packets with Wireshark and see that it is attempting to connect via FTP using the login/password of “root” and “Netsilicon”, which fails. When I use an FTP client and use the login/password of “root” and “password”, then it connects.

Was the default password changed at some point? I’ve been using netosprog.exe to upload firmware to new modules without a problem, so I don’t see how this image could be the same as what has been coming on my new modules.

Hello Justin,

yes, the password has been changed some time ago.



Well, if the password is different from what the netosprog.exe program uses, then the program cannot work. But it does work on new modules. So this must not be the exact image that comes on the new modules.

Hello Justin,

I think I remember having read somewehre that the latest version of the programmer supports both passwords. Can you check if you have the latest version available? Otherwise maybe Charlie can help you.

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the latest netosprog.exe from NET+OS 7.5.2 has fingerprint/version:

NET+OS Programmer
Copyright 2004-2009 Digi International Inc

it supports both default passwords and you may specify /password= … as argument.