remote upgrade

RemoteProgramUpdate stops working when implement Multi-task. Can you help?

what hardware platform are you using? what exactly are you enabling? can you provide more details?

I am using RCM6760 embedded. The remote upgrade has been working until I enable multi-task. Below are the codes that keep reboot the MCU during upload.

#define OS_SCHED_LOCK_EN 1
#define OS_SEM_EN 1
#define OS_MAX_TASKS 3 // Maximum number of tasks system can create (less stat and idle tasks)
#define OS_MAX_EVENTS 2
#define OS_TIME_DLY_HMSM_EN 1 // Enable OSTimeDlyHMSM
#define OS_TASK_STAT_EN 1
#use “ucos2.lib”

Any task that calls tcp_tick() needs to have a 4KB stack.

Make sure that any sockets you create are global in scope, and aren’t an “auto” variable declared in a task. You will run into problems if you have a socket in a task’s stack and you call tcp_tick() from another task.

Where does it crash? Can you run your program from the Dynamic C IDE/debugger and provide details on where it fails?