Error comunication RCM6700 to Dynamic 10.72A

We bought recently Kit Rabbit RCM6700 development and sample programs loaded and executed perfectly. But with the code we load we have a problem: the compilation is successful, but when the Rabbit load the code I get an error communication. I did several tests and performing various settings in Project Options -> Communications -> Stop bits and Enable Processor verification. And changing the latency serial (COM) port. But not communicate. What alternative can try there?
I check enable “use USB to serial Converter” into the kit development…

At what point does the communication fail? If you choose “Reset Target/Compile BIOS” from the “Run” menu, is it successful?

The program compiles. But no load to the development board. The Dynamic C 10.72A shows a communication error window: “While Debbugging: Timeout waiting for response from target”. The computer has a operating system Windos Pro 8.1 64-bit wich is not communicating with the serial converter in the development board

Are you sure you’ve selected the correct serial port in the Project Options/Communications tab? Do you have the jumper installed on JP1 of the development board to connect 3.3V to SMODE?

Yes. All the configurations are correctly initialized. I don’t know what happen…

Have you tried putting a breakpoint on the first line of code in your program to see if the load is successful?

Usually when I see these types of problem in my code it is because of an error which is trashing memory or the stack which blows the debug kernel out of the water…

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I would agree with Peter on this. If you’re successful with “Reset Target/Compile BIOS” from the “Run” menu, then target communications are OK. If sample programs work as well, then there’s a problem with your program. By setting a breakpoint, you can single-step through your program startup sequence to see where it’s crashing.