Replace Coordinator if channel changed


After I set up the network. For replacing coordinator,
I can replace my coordinator by setting the same PAN ID, channel, DL/DH, MY, CE, and A2 as same as previous settings as the old coordinator.

However, if the channel is changed due to influence from other network.
the coordinator and the end devices change the channel by setting Xbee Coordinator A2 to 7 and Endpoint setting A1 to 6.

In this case, the channel would be changed when there is an disturbance.
How do I replace the coordinator if the channel is changed in the network in this setting ?
Are there any method to recover the network ?

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No on an 802.15.4 network, the channel selection only occurs upon network creation.

Hi there,

thank you for your answer.
In my case, if the network is created.
Then suddenly if the coordinator lost the power.
The power is recovered within one or two minutes.
The coordinator cant not find the end points to set up the network.

If you can please tell me why.

That is because the end devices most likely kept the settings and channel data where by the Coordinator came up and saw an existing network on that channel. If you don’t want that to occur, than you need to turn off the channel selection option in the A2 and A1 parameters.