Replace the HDMI AD9889B transmitter (MXC) by the ADV7513 (DRM) in ConnectCore iMX53+Linux 2.6.35 system

In a system based on ConnectCore iMX53+Linux 2.6.35, we going to integrate in our design the HDMI output via AD9889B transmitter as is integrated into the evaluation board WMX53-CC-LX (for Digi JumpStart Kit Embedded Linux), but our problem is that the prerequisites for this custom design requires a long life cycle (10 years) and the manufacturer of the AD9889B (Analog Devices) mark this HDMI transmitter as “Not recommended for new designs” as you can see in the following link: audio-video / analoghdmidvi-interfaces / ad9889b.html

The manufacturer recommend the replacement of AD9889B by the new transmitter ADV7513, unfortunately we have not found directly the driver in kernel of the DigiEL-5.9, there is a driver for linux available in Analog Devices but the requirements to enable this driver are DRM “Direct Rendering Manager” and de I2C, our questions are:

  • We can enable DRM “Direct Rendering Manager” in the Kernel DigiEL-5.9(Linux 2.6.35), or however it is not possible for this platform?
    -If it is not possible to integrate the ADV7513 device, which would be the best path to follow?

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Linux driver can be found here:

Did you try to copy it in to the kernel folder (kernel/linux-2.6.35/drivers/gpu/drm/i2c
) and add it to kernel configuration (drivers/gpu/drm/Kconfig)? does it build? it seems like a straight-forward driver.
also take a look here:

you can take at this patch :
at shows steps to add this driver to Kernel

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Yes, i had added this driver to kernel configuration, but it not build because there are some mistake.
I think one of the problems that cause it not compile is because the driver of the ADV7511 needs to use the regmap (select REGMAP_I2C) for I2C and our distribution of linux 2.6.35 (CCoreiMX53) misses regmap functions because the regmap files do not exist "/ drivers / base / regmap "
I don’t know as continue…
Thanks for your help.