Replying data to non-XBee client

I have a tcp socket client, using which I’m sending some requests to XBee. Client connects and I can read the data, but when trying to reply back, I’m getting error 76.

I have found “After a radio in API mode receives data on its TCP listening socket, it cannot immediately transmit data back to the origninating radio on that connected socket.” in the know issues. Does it apply here, meaning that if a client connects, and simply continues to listen on the connected socket, XBee can’t send anything back yet?

Or am I wrong about sending data back to the port that I got from the request packet?

i dont think xbee alone can reply back the data that you requested using the tcp socket client. xbee is just a RF device… you need to put the xbee on some device such as micro controller to handle the requested signal and send some feed back using the xbee…

That is correct in case of data transfer to xbee UART. But for reading IO sampling data from XBee Wi-Fi, another controller need not to be interface. Always need to take care that TCP/ UDP Ports info provided to XBee is in HEX value.