Reprogramming Digiconnect ME -C with -S firmware...

Is it possible?

Backstory - our procurement got a ton of digiconnect MEs awhile back for one of our test products. Unfortunately one of the batches of 10 ended being a -C instead of -S. The purchase was nearly a year ago, so no returns / RMA for us. Rather than just throw away $500 worth of equipment, is it possible to program the firmware in a -C to a standard -S load?

From what I’ve been reading and trying out, there’s quite a bit of flexibility in recovering a module using the TFTP and Xmodem (serial) methods.

Thanks for the help…


I was told (but never used) that there was a version of the -S bootstrap for the -C. Since the hardware is identical, you could then use the same software. Contact Digi to see if they still have it floating around.

Lately they have been getting selfish and charging for support, so be careful how you ask.

BTW, $500 is only 10 MEs, not exactly a ton of equipment.


It’s not possible, you need to make sure to get the correct parts! If it’s within the 30 days of purchase, you can always return them to the distributor for your money back.