Requires the FAT filesystem module be installed.

I want to be able to write files to the Mini SD card on the BL4s200, and I see this example program:


and in its documentation header it says:

    Requires the FAT filesystem module be installed.

but I can’t find any documentation to what this means,

are there any more complete directions to this example,

also, looking in the DC function guide, the fat_open command is very sketchy on how it opens the file. for example, if I want to open the file for writing and its already there, does the file pointer have to be moved to the end of the file, or does the open automatically open in append mode if the file is already there? all this kind of stuff, is it documented anywhere?

Fat was not included in earlier versions of Dynamic C and this comment should have been removed. If you look in your Library folder, in the filesystem folder, you will see FAT libraries. You should be able to run that sample with no problem.

Hi margaret,

I was just about to drop you a line on this. Trying to solve this issue I stumbled onto this:

and was coming to the conclusion that this was already in the 10.56.

So is this program, fat_create.c is vastly superior to the suggested sd card example of sdflash_inspect.c yes?

I mean sdflash_inspect.c will allow me to read and write in chunks of 512 bytes, considering the entire sd memory card like one big memory area, but it won’t allow me to take the card out, plug it into a pc and have usable files.

I’d be much better served developing fat_create.c into a file read section, and a file write (append) section and this way I can take the card out and plug it into a pc and read my data as a plain-ol’ file.

what do you think?