Reset programmable XBee-PRO 900HP to show bootloader menu after installing application

I built the “at_cmd_local” example XBee application project and installed it onto the programmable XBee using the bootloader “F” option (Update app). The program ran as expected.

I now want to restore the XBee to show the original bootloader menu on reset. What is the correct procedure for doing this. When I reset the XBee by rebooting or grounding the reset line, it runs the at_cmd_local demo program.

Note: I’m using a third party USB adapter board which doesn’t have the BKGND pin connected or the debugger port.

Do I need to purchase the development kit XKP9-DMB0 in order to do what I want? If so, am I able to purchase a single USB interface board and the debugger rather than the full kit as I already have some radios I’m using to prototype.

You need to compile and upload the bootloader application back on the module. How you do that is up to you.

The issue is that the only way I’ve seen to upload a program to the device without the debugger is via the bootloader is using the “F” option from the bootloader menu.

Anyhow, the question will be moot for me soon as I ended up biting the bullet and ordering the dev kit which includes the debugger.

I found this thread seeking the same (need to restore the factory bootloader without a debugger). Anyone know if there is away, or is there a $400 purchase in my future?

Yes, if you have over written the application that was on the radio (this includes the provided bootloader that came installed), you need to use the BDM programmer to load the bootloader back on.

Thanks for the response mvut, but I want to ammend this for anyone who may come looking in the future. You DO NOT need to purchase a debugger to restore the bootloader (or flash anything else) onto a programmable XBee. After compilation, a bin file can be uploaded to a programmable module using XModem within XCTU by manually accessing the protected bootloader according to this procedure: It’s painfully slow, but does work.

I know how to upload the program if you can compile. I need the original bootloader program is all.

The bootloader is one of the Sample applications within the Freescale code warrior.