Retries in Broadcast mode

I have a question regarding retries. Please forgive me if I display a fundamental misunderstanding
somewhere, I’m new to using the XBee.

I am building a system which works with all Series1 XBees in Broadcast mode, addressing being
taken care of in my application software, and it works OK. However, if I set retry value RR to
1, as expected the RF packet is transmitted 3 times.
My question is: Since there are no Acks transmitted by the receiver in Broadcast mode, how does the
receiver know that these 3 transmissions are repeats of the same message, and not different messages?
For example, if I send “ABC” to the transmitting XBee, it sends the resulting RF packet 3 times, but
I still receive only “ABC”, not ABCABCABC". If one of the packets were corrupt, which one would it
take to be correct? I suppose my fundamental question is: Do retries help at all in Broadcast mode?
Thank you,

Every data packet you send into the radios UART gets assigned a packet identifier. This identifier is used by the radios to determine if the RF packet has been seen before or not.

Many thanks, that clears it all up for me.