RF damage from adjacent modules

I was doing some testing of antenna ranges and something happened. I had a coordinator unit powered up in another room. I programmed a XBee 2.4 PRO module and a standard Xbee 2.4 module as END UNITS. Both units have been working fine when powered on at different time. But then I turned them both on and placed them both on a table a few inches apart. The PRO unit seemed to cause the other unit to start blinking it’s status LEDs rapidly (they’re both on USB explorer type boards, connected to separate computers). Now the low power unit won’t join the mesh network and blinks its lights every few seconds. I can’t reliably connect to it with XCTU anymore. It will only stay connected a few seconds at a time. I reflashed the firmware and that still doesn’t help.

Did the high power RF from the PRO unit damage the other unit when they were in close proximity?

I have been told the 2.4Ghz Xbee don’t have such issues, and you can actually place then almost touching and not have over-saturation of the receive circuit.

Sounds more like a bad pin or loose connection, or even static-discharge damage.

But make sure you have the latest firmware - and matching firmware level on the 2.