RF Interference with other 900MHz Devices

I am looking to buy a XBee module, and am trying to get an opinion on the right frequency to buy.

I will be using it for a mobile robot. The environment will be heavy with 2.4GHz communications, so if possible I would like to use the 900MHz modules.

However, the robot will also have a 910MHz FM video transmitter (which can be adjusted up to 500mW depending on range needed). Would the XBee be able to operate around that interference, or would the video transmitter overload the XBee’s recieve circuits?


Is 910MHz just the center frequency for the video transmitter? The XBee 900 uses FHSS. If the video transmitter uses something similar, then my guess is that the more powerful 500mW tranmsitter may be too much power in too close a proximity to the other radio, and will cause too much interfrence itself.

The 2.4GHz XBee uses DSSS and may provide the ability to select a particular frequency which will allow the radio to run with a small amount of interference.