XBee Pro 24 802.15.4 Interference with 910 MHz Video

I am trying to run a robot using a 910 MHz Video transmitter and an XBee control interface.

With the video off I can get 300 yards non line of site out of the XBee units. And still have decent control of the robot.

Once I turn on the video transmitter the range drops to about 25 yards non line of site.

Do I need to do anything to get the DSSS working or is there a recommended setup to avoid other Frequencies.


2.4Ghz and 910Mhz are far enough away that it is not likely direct RF interference.

More likely there is some other ‘noise’ which is effecting your circuitry. I would investigate that first. Maybe try some 'sheilding (okay - aluminum foil :slight_smile: ) between the circuits are something.

Also a big problem I have had in the past with a similar setup was running both devices off the same power source.

Are both devices running off the same battery?