xbepro link range problem

I am using 2 xbpro (60 mw) with cable adapter and an external antena (buy from sparkfun) and I cant get more than 30 m range of distance , line of view (city) , I need 100 m minimum range. the project is for a remote control at short range work fine (di close in one side, do close in the other side) , can you give me some advice? , thanks

The first thing to try if you have reduced range is to try a different operating frequency. Using the AT comands (through X-CTU or a terminal program) you can modify the CH parameter to operate on a diffierent channel. The default channel is 0xC. The XBee-PRO radio has an operating channel range from 0xC-0x17. Set both radios on a different channel to help avoid interference.

You can also set the RR parameter to perfrom retranmissions of messages. In case of interference the data could be lost and need retransmission.

Sorry but I need to comunicate one module with other , if a change the channel it is possible ? or they must to be in the same channel?


Set the modules to default settings and then change the CH parameter. Both modules must be changed to the same channel. If they are not on the same channel they will not communicate. This link may help in maximizing your range: http://www.digi.com/support/kbase/kbaseresultdetl.jsp?id=2051