RF interference

Hi all, I have 2 XTend modens about 1/4 mile apart and an elevation drop of 175 feet. One modem (the transmitter) has a small yagi boom antenna and the other ( the receiver) has the factory 4 inch omni in a nema enclosure. The receiving antenna is under a steel shelter in the center of 4 250kW inverters and a large industrial transformer. The site is a 1 megawatt solar array. We had only minimal connection at best and now that is gone.

The question is, how much interference are the inverters, with all the RF or EM noise they put out, affecting the signal?

That is unknown. But your metal roof is most likely causing you more issues than the interference. Try placing the NEMA version of the xtend above the roof line and then adjust the angle of the transmitter side to point down towards the remote.