Xtend Digimesh repeater configuration?

I have 3 xtend OEM RF modules with digimesh firmware (8064). I’m not too sure if I correctly set up one of the xtend to be a repeater and not sure how to check since I’m not able to do a field test. My goal as of now is pretty simple, I have an xtend sending a message to be repeated to the other xtend module. Or in other words a directed broadcast with a repeater. I’m using two computers with XCTU for the end devices and a micro-controller hooked up to the module as the repeater. BTW I’m using API mode 2 to message between each end node.

For the repeater my settings are CE = 0 (Routing), T0 =0x80 (repeater/directed broadcast). DH = 0 and DL =FFFF.

As for the other two xtend I’ve set them to END devices (CE= 1) and T0 = C0 (digimesh)

I’ve set the END devices DH and DL (Destination) to match each others SH and SL (Serial number) parameters.

So when I sent a TX request 64-bit address frame the message gets through but I’m not sure if the repeater did anything. This would be easier if I was able to do a field test but cannot at the moment.


You can verify it is doing something by removing the antennas off of the two end devices. If the packet then gets through with the repeater and not outhout it is fine.

Your solution works! Also if anyone else having the same problem, you could also configure Pin 3 on the Xtend to be a RX LED and hook up a LED to it. Anytime it receives anything it will blink quickly!.

Thanks for the help and reply, mvut!

If you are using the Zigbee based items, then you know that an End device must talk through its parent before that packet can be sent on. Now with Digi Mesh, you will need to remove the antennas and move them farther apart to get them to Hop via another node with an antenna on.

Yes, I am using Digi Mesh. I’ve done what you said and it does Hop to the middle node with the antenna.

Thanks again for the tip!

Hi, Kpham91
I follow your configure ,but the modules do not work,any suggestion? BTW, my modules are XBee PRO SX XBP9X_DRMS.