XTend™ RF Modems vs XTend™ OEM RF Modules


Are the XTend OEM RF Modules and the XTend RF Modems basically the same hardware? How does one program the XTend Modem to be in a Digi-Mesh topology?

Basically, I would like to have a network with 4 vehicles, each with and XTend Radio. I understand this can be accomplished using the Mesh development kit that includes 4 radios. Also, I would like to have a central, non-mobile station with a radio connected to a laptop. Can I use the XTend Modem for this? I would like any node to be able to communicate with any other of the 5 nodes.

Or, for the non-mobile station, is it better to get another development kit instead?


Hey Cep,

Yes, they are the same hardware. The only difference is that the OEM is just the interface board and the radio module. The RF Modem version has an aluminum casing.

To change the modems to DigiMesh, it is a simple change in firmware versions.

  1. Connect the modem to a computer with X-CTU installed
  2. Power on modem and run X-CTU
  3. Select the proper com port along with proper settings
  4. Navigate to the Modem Configuration tab
  5. Perform a ‘Read’
  6. In the middle drop down menu, there will be an option for 9XTEND 115K HOPPING (DIGIMESH). Please select.
  7. Click on the ‘Write’ button
  8. This will then write the DigiMesh firmware to the module.

Repeat with all modules you desire to have on the network.