XTend XT09-SI-NA v121

I have an older version of the 9XTend OEM module.

Basically my problem is the machine we used to use for talking with this is gone, and now I am unable to communicate with it via X-CTU because there is no config file for this version. I have a file for v120, v123, v124, etc but nothing for v121 or v122… these are not available via the automatic download and I cannot find them on the ftp anywhere.

Help would be greatly appreciated.


You can reflash a newer version of firmware to the module using the “Write” button under the “Modem Configuration” tab. See the instructions here:
(select the link at the bottom of that page)

I am attaching the 122 version. Assuming this is what is currently on your modules (select Test/Query under the PC settings tab to find out). Newer versions (like 2067) are backward compatible with your older version.

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