9XTend OEM - trying to talk to it...

I have a 9Xtend OEM module speaking to a microcontroller (through same to my terminal). I can send +++ and get back an OK, but when I send commands such as AT%V (or any other AT command) I get no answer. I’m sending power/gnd, Send/Receive data, and have tied Shutdown high thru 10K.

Any hints what I should do to at least make the thing respond to setup commands?

Are you following some of the examples outlined in the product manual?

I’m not sure. Can you suggest a page number and position on the page for such an example?

See page 19 at http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/90000958_A.pdf

Yes, I followed that one.

+++ => OK
ATDT => (silence)
AT%V => (silence)


Could I have it in some wrong mode?

You’re sure about your end-of-line?

I have a micro sending AT commands and receiving responses just fine, including AT%V. My end-of-line is specified as ‘\r’ in my code. Are you sure you’re using that character, and not ’
’ newline?

One update: I tried
(0xA) vs. \r (0xD), only the \r works as end-of-line