XCTU issue with firmware

I have some 100 or so XTend vb modules here, with xctu v6.5.0

It seems that updating firmware from 2004 to 2006 is rather problematic and temperamental.

I’m not sure which to consider, but I suspect that it is an XCTU issue, perhaps timing. It could also be a module issue, as pressing the reset in terminal mode gives a string of characters before generating the 9600 baud OK, taking a second or so.

This sounds like a timing or level conversion issue. What is the 9Xtend mounted on? How is it connected to the PC?

Its mounted on either an XTIB-R or XTIB-U.

I finally got this to work consistently using the command line tool, but the gui won’t do this reliably for some reason.

Any reason why new modules aren’t coming out with 2006 on them? The last batch I got from digi was all 2004, which has the rf rx bug.

My guess is that you are actually getting them from Distribution which that distributor may not have done a stock rotation on.