9XTend Repeater Configuration Question

I operate a network of 9Xtend (RS-232) radios in a point to multipoint topology. There is one master radio which communicates to 12 slave sites. (the radios are actually configured to broadcast to all the other radios DT=0xFFFF - the master/slave terminology refers to the modbus messages going through the network). All radios are set to default RF mode MD=0 currently.

Here’s my issue:
One of the slave nodes has a weak RF connection to the master site, but it’s closer to one of the other slave nodes. I would like to attempt a repeater configuration using the intermediate node to reach the far one. So basically I would like to modify the configuration so that the one intermediate node is a repeater (RF mode MD=5), and the rest are end nodes. My question is - do I have to reprogram all the other radios in the network to RF mode MD=6, or can I leave them all at MD=0 (except for the master and far end note I assume need to be MD=6)? Where there be any side effects of leaving all the other nodes at MD=0?

Thanks in advance!

No, you need to change them all. You also need to set a unique MY on all of the radios.

I have the same exact issue. So you are saying that I will need to change all of my slave radios to Point to Multipoint and give them all unique ID’s? What about hopping channel and destination?

Yes, for using the repeater function you need to use the User defined mode, set the DT and MY manually on all nodes. You then need to set the two farthest points at repeater End node and all others as repeater.

Great , thank you for your help

Did you slove this problem? I faced the similar issue you just mentioned. I have 3 XTends. One of devices is set to base: DT=1, MY=0, MD=6. The second device is set to repeater: DT=2, MY=1, MD=5. The third one is set to rover: DT=3, MY=2, MD=6. The base transmits data continuously, and the repeater can receive the data from base but cannot transmit to rover.
I also tried the basic broadcast communications.
Base: DT=0xFFFF, MY=1, MD=6.
Repeater: DT=0xFFFF, MY=2, MD=5.
Rover: DT=0xFFFF, MY=3, MD=6.

Jeff Chang,

If you have three radios, two end node that are in range of the repeater only. Then you should be using the following:

DT 1
MY 2
MD 6

MY 3
MD 5

MY 1
DT 2
MD 6

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Hi, Eric

It works. Thanks for your help