Does the RR parameter have any effect in repeater mode?

Using the 9XTend modules and packaged modems, point to point mode works fine, but when switching into repeater mode (MD=6) the retries don’t seem to be happening, which is resulting in a lot of data loss in my application. Does the RR parameter even have any effect, or is acknowledged communications simply impossible in a repeater network?


If I recall, when using repeater mode, RR and MT functions are not used. Instead it uses its own method of making sure a packet is received.

I am not sure it is the change in the retries or acknowledgment system so much as it is an increase in latency and decrease in overall throughput in a repeater network that may be causing our issues. To verify, use the radios in a point to point configuration but disable Retries and Multi-transmits. If you can still get a large % through, than it is more of a timing and amount of data you are sending that needs to be adjusted.