Intermittent connectivity over repeater (X09-PKI-RA)

I inherited a remote monitoring system and the accompanying problems that were never resolved.

Current problem: I have an intermittent connectivity problem connecting to a remote CR10X data logger. I’ve isolated the two intermediate radio links and they test good using XTCU. However, when I install a loopback on the remote end and run XTCU from the near end, I initially get no throughput. After 15-30 seconds, all of a sudden, I get good throughput. Then, when I connect the datalogger back on, I can’t connect to it (using Loggernet).

Between the two radios in the repeater are a null modem and cable. I swapped out the null modem, but didn’t have spare cable (although I doubt it’s a cable issue).

Could this be a configuration issue? I noticed that the DIP switches on the radio on the near side of the repeater was configured with 5 and 6 ON. This made me curious, so I switched it to 5-ON, 6-OFF then tried to loop back to the base. No data throughput at all.

Could this be a radio signal issue? Is it possible that I’d see this behavior if my signal went below a certain threshold due to attenuation in the repeater?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

Try using the repeater functionality in the firmware instead of a streaming repeater and setting each radio with a unique MY or Source address.