xt09-pki-r problem getting connection

Hello, I need assistance in getting a basic connection setup between two xtend-pkg XT09-PKI-R modems (no idea of the firmware version, xctung would not recognize them). I have connected both to a laptop (macbook with usb-serial adaptor) and get a response when using a terminal program at 9600 8n1 and send +++ and get OK. I have the loopback adapter connected to the far modem but never get a connection established and none of the signal strength lights are on. I’m assuming you just power them on with the dip switches set to 100010 on both and they’ll see each other and connect (I’m probably wrong). I’m new to this, obviously, and didn’t receive any software or documentation with the modems. Just need to get a good connection between the modems to send some serial data across, nothing fancy. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Try setting the switches so that 1, 5 and 6 are all on and then use the restore function or the ATRE, WR commands on both of them. You should then be able to send and receive data between them.