Ask for make wireless connections

Hi Chan!
I have some problem with your XStream-PGK, pn X09-009PKI-RA. First s/n: (M) 77A19755; second s/n: (M)77A194C7
Now I want to connect two this devices throught wireless link between serial device to transmits some example data, but I can’t connects them. My model following:

  • PC-rs232-radio 1 (XStream-PKG-R)
  • PC-rs232-null modem (w/ male-to-male Null modem adapter) - radio 2 (XStream-PKG-R)
    And then I start X-CTU prog.
    But I can’t connect them.
    Pls help me.
    Thanks in advanced.
    Le Hai Trieu

Try the connection without the null modem adapter. That should solve your problem.