XTend-PKG stops communicating in peer to peer until reset

We use the XTend product as a wire replacement in our RS485 network. In some installations the modems will periodically stop communicating. When this happens the data in led on the local modem is flashing. All leds including RSSI are off on the remote modem. When the remote modem’s power is cycled the XTends will start communicating again. They may work for a few hours or days and then it will happen again. Note that this does not occur at all installations. Many work fine.

The following settings are being used on both modems. Omissions to this list implies the default value was used.

RR changed from A to 0
MT changed from 0 to 3
DT changed from 0 to FFFF
MY changed from FFFF to 0

I see now that this is not the recommended peer-to-peer configuration. These settings come from the fact that we have switches 5 and 6 both off. With sw 5 on the system would give unique MY addresses. Could this be what is causing the problem?

Also, if the units are in close range and the front end of a unit is overloaded, would cycling power resolve this issue?

Thanks for the help. Any recommendations are appreciated.


Try updating the firmware on the modems to the latest version using XCTU.

It should be on version 2004 or 2060, depending on whether you have current or legacy hardware