XTend-PKG Hangs until reset

We are using XTend-PKG for RS485 Wire replacements. All are point to point configuration. Most systems work fine but we have some systems where the remote or slave portion of the network will stop receiving data. When the happens the local XTend (RS485 Master) shows Data in flashing. Remote XTend (RS485 Slave) show no RSSI, no data out, just power. If power is cycled the Remote XTend it starts communicating again.

Deviations from default settings are:
RR from A to 0
MT from 0 to 3
DT from 0 to FFFF *
MY from FFFF to 0 *

These settings are configured this way because we have switches 5 and 6 both off. As a result, both radios have an MY of 0. I see now that we should have 5 on for point to point. This would cause MY to be unique (derived from the serial number). Could this solve our problem?

We have seen this on numerous installations and have been unable to solve it. We also have many installations that are working fine.

Thanks for the help.

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I see this exact issue all the time

I found through weeks of testing that I can duplicate the problem by having another radio system working in close proximity to the one I am testing. In my case it was another set of the same radios. I could only reproduce the problem when running the version 2003 firmware. When I upgraded to 2004 I could no longer reproduce the problem. I am hoping that the firmware upgrade resolves the issue in the field.

Good luck.