Strange behavior of XBee using RTS\


I would like to know if someone has noticed the following bug with XBee series 1:

After the module is awaked from sleep the handshake protocol involving RTS\ seems to change. In this case,
if RTS\ is de-asserted, the RF data received are not sent to the DO buffer BUT after RTS\ is again asserted, at least one new received byte is requested in order to have all the previous stored bytes sent out the buffer!

Note: after a power-on or after an hardware reset the module operates correctly as reported on the datasheet (that is all the data stored are released as soon as RTS\ is asserted).

I tested both 1083 and 1084 FW releases.
Are there newer releases the overcomes this problem ?

I have not encountered this problem but try downloading the newest firmware from Digi. You are working with firmware that is over 2 years old. The newest firmware is 10E2.

Yes, I believe I have experienced this. And I’m using a very recent firmware. See my post at,346#1373

Yes diabodale, I read your post and this is exactly what I meant. Besides, as I am using the module not in API mode, the bug is then independent from the operating mode.
At this point it seems clear that at least up to the 10CD release this problem persists. When I have time I will try some newer releases.
I contacted Digi assistance few weeks ago but they appeared
quite unprepared about it.