Gettung started with XTP9B-DPM?

Hello! I am having a hard time setting up these 900 RF modules to communicate. I have them set up and firmware upgraded with XCTU, but I can not discover the remote device. This is how both of the radios are configured:

Firmware:DiGimesh version B 8003
CT (routing mode): Standard Router
Are there other settings that I need to change for these to be able to communicate?

Thank you!


Try setting the DL and DH values to the SL and SH of the other unit.

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Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! I tried that with the TO set to C0 and set to 40 and I still can not discover the remote device. What else is there to try?


Have you set the DL and DH of one to match the Sl and SH of the other yet?

How are you trying to “discover the other radio”?

Yes, I did try setting the DL,DH/SL/SH. These modules are both plugged into XTIB-U boards.

By the “discover”, I mean using the “discover radio nodes in the same network” button

Are you using the external power supply with these boards?

Yes, that is what I was referring to.

I am using two random wall warts with the correct pins and what I believe to be the correct voltage. One is 12V 1.5A and the other is 9V 1.5A

Are you able to send data between the two units?

No RX bytes in the terminal. To check this, I am sending some bytes through the terminal, unplugging the USB, plugging it into the other device and opening the terminal to see what if anything is changed. Do I need to keep both connections open to see bytes received?

My phone number is (541) 844-9878. If you want to call me, I would be happy to pay for consulting time to get these working!

I would suggest you send an email to so they can help you.

I sent them an email. Thank you! I really appreciate you working to help me on this.