A list of nodes in the network


Last monday I received the XBee DigiMesh24 Development Kit.

Everthing works fine, communicating with the modules, range tests, modem configuration via USB/RS232.

But… it must be possible to configure the modules remote (is written in the getting started guide), but it doesm’t find any devices. See attachment.

The other device received the message: ~~…NDc when I pushed the discover button.

Can someone help me with this maybe??



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It sounds like you need to enable API mode on the module connected to the computer. Set AP=1 and then try the remote discovery again.

Fordcf2000 is correct, you’d want to use API mode on your Coordinator module. This would then allow you to use XCTU ver. to send remote commands to the modules, as well as other applications which might do the same things.

Oke, thanks, it works!!