Discovery of XBee pro modules

I’m just starting to learn about the XBee and Digi products. I have two XBee Pro modules on seperate boards with a USB connection. I can use X-CTU to each one and when I use ATND on one it reports the high and low serial numbers of the other board.

However, when I go to try Remote Configuration, and try to discover the other module, there are no items listed in the window. I do however get a “~…NDc” on the X-CTU terminal connected to the other module. Also green LEDs light up on the board so it appears that the modules are communicating.

I also have a ConnectPort X4 that I’m trying to use. When I go to the XBee network view, no nodes are listed except for the ConnectPort node.

I would guess I’m not setting some parameter allowing disovering of the XBee Pro modules, but I haven’t figured out what it is.

Any idea?

Thanks - Bart

I assume that the modules are Series 1 with firmware for 802.15.4. Also the modules are in AT command mode since that would explain the “~…NDc” you get on the remote node.
AT command mode is also called ‘transparent’ mode as anything that goes into the serial port is send the node in the DH/DL address. The DH/DL should be set the the SH/SL of the other module.
To do a Remote Configuration the local module must be in API mode. Then a properly format API frame must be send into the serial port. This is all detailed in document 90000982_B. There is also a lot more information in these forums covering the details of API frames.

First answer: we (the users of this forum) need more information!

  1. You’ve posted this in the 802.15.4 forum, which implies that your XBees are of the Series 1 (aka Freescale) type. Is that the case? (see below)

  2. What firmware version are you running? To find out, look at the output from the ATVR command and tell us what it says.

To find the answer to Q(1) above, check out question 1 in the Unofficial FAQ:

If you can supply this information you’ll be likely to get a much better response. And hey - welcome to the club!

Edit: waltr gave his reply while I was composing this message, and so I saw his reply only after posting.

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