I can't get my range test to work with 2 xt09-4ei-ra, it can't find the remote radio

I have put the serial number in the 16bit address like this: 00009F70000083F9

Am I missing something, it says to use the 1A2F pattern.

That is a 64 bit address and not a 16 bit address. Try switching the radios to user define mode (Dip switches 5 and 6 both up) and then set the DT of radio 1 to match the MY of radio 2. Then do the same going the other direction. Just make sure to connect a loop back adapter to the 2nd radio when you are done.

Thank you I found the address in the remote radio’s config screen and put it in the DT of my main radio and it started working. I don’t understand the address and how it relates to the 64bit serial number but I got it working anyhow.

Glad to hear that you got it working.