Xtend next-gen XCTU Radio Range Test

I have two xtend OEM RF modules along with two USB adapter boards. One on a PC and the other on the labtop. When I do the range test the only dBm I see is the remote and the Local remains off. Also every packet I sent is considered lost. What does this mean? I am able to communicate between them just using the console. Does the firmware I’m using matter in this case?


The range test function requires one of two things to function. First it is it needs a way to short data in to data out or use the loop back cluster ID. Next it needs to use API mode (in the XCTUNG software only).

Since the Xtend does not support Cluster ID’s and End points as that is a Zigbe function, that option is out. Next, a USB interface does not allow one to short data in to data out. Only an RS232 or TTL level option does. So in this case, the range test would not work very well.

However, you can use the XCTU version’s range test from both computers at the same time which would give you the effect of a loop back adapter and allow the range test to report good responses.

Thanks for the answer. Would you suggest any methods of testing these xTend radios? I mean for me it is hard to find 10-40 miles line of sight areas to test the range. At the moment I have a 5dB omni-directional antenna and tested the range outside for maybe 1 miles or so?

Than that is your only option. Depending on your obstructions will depend on how far you are able to get. No obstructions and high in the air, you will go far. Low to the ground or with obstructions, you may only get 1000 ft or so.