X-Bee range testing driving me crazy!

Hola guys!

I am currently trying to do a range test with two xbee-pro xsc (S3B) and it’s driving my crazy!
I am using two xbee both connected to interface development board’s and have one installed into my computer through USB and I have one development board installed through a power supply.
When I go to range test on xctu it always reads local device does not support range test, while the getting started guide clearly says it does. Any advice?

Thank you

Range test relies on a “loop back” either as an RS-232 loop back adapter that is plugged on to the remote radios RS-232 port, or if using a Digi USB board the newer version has some pins labeled loop back that you can short with the supplied jumper connector. If you are using RS-232 and have no loop back device you can cobble one up with a simple paper clip shorting out Din and Dout (pins 2 & 3)…