Simple Loopback Test

Hi just getting started by testing standard XBEE modules I have had sitting around for a while. I have one of the XBIB-U development boards and one of the XBIB-R development boards. It has been so long since I received these I’m not sure what I did with the loopback adapter mentioned in the XCTU manual.

I just want to do a loopback range test. Can anyone tell me what the loopback adapter does? Does it just connect the RS-232 TX to RX on the XBIB-R?

Is that all that is necessary (assuming programming with the defaults on two XBEE boards) to perform a loopback test?

That’s correct sdame. The loopback adapter echos the data back via connecting Tx and Rx on the RS232 interface.

If you don’t have it, try connecting pins 2 and 3 on the 232 adapter with a paper clip and doing the range test. I’ve gotten that to work here before.

FYI - further details on the range test can be found here: