Range Test with Xbee and arduino

I’ve 2 Xbee Series 1 and I’ve one of them connected to the computer through Xbee xplorer and the other one is connected to the computer through arduino.
Both Xbees are configured in AT mode.

I’m trying to make a range test in XCTU. When I select in the range test the Xbee connected through xbee xplorer and I press ‘discover remote devices’ it finds the other Xbee and I select it as remote radio device. I select loopback as range test type and then I press start range test.
Then appears a message that says something like ‘make sure remote device is configured in transparent mode and loopback jumper or serial loopback is connected’
I don’t know what they mean by loopback jumper (I’ve seen in the guide that the board in the kit has a jumper that has to be connected but I don’t own that board, i’m using arduino and xbee xplorer).
The thing is that 100% of the packets transmitted are lost.

Any one knows how to perform this range test with these devices?


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The range test works by sending a 32 byte packet out of a given com port and expects that data to be sent back within a given time frame. That is generally done by shorting the Tx and Rx lines together on the remote radio via a Loop back adapter or jumper. Since you are not using a Digi created board, you will need to contact the vendor of that board to find out how you can make that connection for the range test to work.

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