Loopback Test Fail XBee Pro Series 1

I am trying to conduct a loopback test between 2 XBee Pro Series 1 modules.

One module is connected to the computer via a USB adapter from Sparkfun, while the other sits on a Explorer Regulated adapter, also from Sparkfun. The remote set is powered externally using a 5V source. I have connected the DIN to the DOUT of the remote set.

The modules have been configured using XCTU, having the default settings (Modem: XBP24, Function Set: XBEE Pro 802.15.4, Version: 10ED) except:

  1. Source Address - each module has its own unique address
  2. Destination Address - pointing to the other module
  3. PAN ID - set to the same value of 1234
  4. Baud Rate - 57600

Using the terminal to send commands, I do not get any response from the remote module. I see the Rx LED of the computer module flashing when sending commands, as well as the DOUT LED of the remote module. But somehow it does not send back anything.

Photo of setup: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lpyq7oakvkvdujt/XBeeLoopbackSetup.jpg?dl=0

Is there something else I need to configure with the XBees? Any help is appreciated.

edit: SOLVED! it was a faulty connecting wire. the loopback is working fine now.

The XBee module is a 3V device. Have you verified that your board is regulating the voltage level down from 5V to 3V? Same with the data lines, They should be at 3V.

Yup, the Explorer Regulated board regulates the voltages down to 3V from a 5V power source. The data lines are 3V as well.

May Is suggest restoring both modules to defaults and then running the test. I think you will find that it will pass the range test leaving it to most likely cause being an issue with an incorrect address.

I’ve found out the problem… it was a faulty connecting wire… But thanks for your responses!