Xbee Pro Series 1 Range Test Fails

My Xbee modules don’t communicate between them at all. One side is PC with Sparkfun USB Explorer, the other side is Xbee on Sparkfun Xbee Shield. I configured both Xbees using XCTU ver I am able to test/query both of them. Command atnd does discover the remote module, but range test fails completely. Eventually I restored both to factory settings using Restore feature on XCTU, still same issue. I am jumpering TX/RX on the remote Xbee to perform the Range Test. I see RX led blinking on USB side and Dout LED blinkind on remote side. Can you please suggest any more tests to solve this issue? Thanks

Xbees are: Xbee Pro, XBP24, Series 1, 60mW,
Computer Side: Sparkfun Explorer USB
Arduino Side: Sparkfun Wbee Shield (To isolate from other issues I’ve unplugged the shield from Arduino and only connected 5V/GND power to the regulator on shield, apart from RX/TX jumper)

In order for the range test to function, you must short Data In to Data out on the remote module. This way the data is sent in both directions and received back at the PC.

Thank you for answering. That was the problem, indeed. I had placed a jumper in the header, but the soldering of the header was poor. After resoldering it worked.