how to do a loopback test with XTCNG and a XTP9B radio modem

I am setting up a small network of XTP9B (Xtend PKG units) radios for a project to pass data between PLCs. In the past I did this with the Xtend pkg radios that i configured with the old XCTU program. We were able to put a loop back adapter on one radio, leave the other radio connected to the laptop and run a range test. I cannot seem to do this in XCTUNG. Has anyone figured this out? I already tried the pull down item called LOOPBACK and cannot get it to work. Someone at Digi suggested using the API mode to do test with this radio, but provided no details on it.

I would suggest the following:

  • Both radios put in user defined mode (switches 5 and6 up)
  • Set one radio with a MY 1 and a DT 2
  • Set the 2nd radio with a MY 2 and a DT of 1

Add the first radio to XCTU using the Discovery function.
In the range test tool, select the first radio.
In the Select the remote radio, select the 16 bit address option and enter the MY of the 2nd radio.
Range test type is loopback and connect the loopback adapter to the remote radio.

Run the range test.