Why 9xTend is not communicating with its mate

Please look at attached file and please suggest me why these 9xTend modules are not communicating with each other?

Everything seems to be correct. In X-ctu under the Modem Configuration tab, Save you Profile and send\attach the file for both to see if something else might shed some light on it.

Yes, it defintiely should be communicating based on the inforation in the screenshot. I would begin my troubleshooting like this:

Check the DIP swtiches on both radios to make sure they are in the proper positions (DIP swtiches can change parameter settings of the radio on power-cycle)

Then perform the loopback test using the Range Test tab of X-CTU and the Loopback adaptor. This test should send a packet between both radios and back again. When the test is performed pay special attention to the LED activity on the radio. The red LED is the power LED, whcih should be on all the time. The green LED indicates a transmission, the yellow LED indicates a reception of a message. Based on the LED activity, you should be able to determine which radio is not perfoming a specfic duty, transmit or receive.

After you have determined which radio isn’t performing its duty, that will give you an idea of what to look for to fix it.