radio 1 doesn't communicate with radio 2


I’m working with the XTEND XT09-PKC-UA to send messages to AlpahNET’s StreetSmart electric sign. Radio 1 is connected to a Windows 7 machine and the modem is recognized. The problem is when I try to send messages to radio 2 - there’s no response. This is all quite new to me and I’m not sure where/how to troubleshoot.

Any feedback appreciated.

basically, you have two parts to this system, alphanet/sign portion, and the radio system. Since you are in the troubleshooting mode, it’s best to test these parts separately.

Basically, the XTend radios are acting as a serial cable replacement. this means that it should be possible to, at some point, go out to the sign, and unplug the radio in the sign,and plug in a serial cable instead with just a laptop, and change the sign with your software.

Second, you can test the radio link, by performing a loppback/range test between the two radios. It’s best to go out to the radio in the sign, and connect to it using the X-CTU to read the parameters. Then, you can use the parameters to match them up in the USB radio you have. Once that is done, connect the USb radio to the laptop, and disconnect the radio inside the sign from the serial port and place the loopback connector on its serial port instead. Then using the range test tab in the X-CTU, simply perform the Range test to determine wireless connectivity.

Once you get both portions of the problem up and running properly, then disconnect the loopback adapter from the serial port of the radio in the sign, connect it back to the serial port of the sign, and then use your AlphaNet software to change your sign.

If either the sign connection or the wireless connection is found to be faulty, you know which manufacturer’s support department to contact.

Thanks for the suggestion. We got the modems to talk to each other.