Longest range DigiMesh modem/modules


I need to build a network for vehicle tracking in large terrains.

I plan to place fixed solar repeater towers every 5 Km. And i’ll have vehicles moving within this repeater stations areas. I need live position info.

I don’t need large bandwidth. I need large coverage, so i’ve chosen 900Mhz.

I’m not sure on which of the technologies to adopt.
Should i choose the 900HP 10Kbps ? 900HP 200Kbps ? XTend ? Digi XLR PRO ?

I thought of using the 900HP 10Kbps modem in DigiMesh mode, so the fixed stations can act as repeater nodes (i don’t need the vehicle node to act as a repeater, although it would be nice), and i can get up to 15 Km of coverage. But i was told that the 900HP in 10Kbps mode doesn’t work in DigiMesh topology.

Is the 900HP 10Kbps really incompatible with DigiMesh ?

Can i buy a 10Kbps module and update it to 200Kbps later ? (is it just a firmware difference)?

What about the programmable modules ? Is there a hardware difference ? Can i buy a 900HP 10Kbps module and update it to a 200Kbps programmable ?

Digi documentation is very confusing and there are so many options.
A comparison table would be very helpful.

Any hints ?

Thanks !

For something like this, it would be best to contact Digi Sales so they can get you in touch with a sales Engineer. The Sales Engineer entire job is to ask you some basic questions and help you select the right product for your specific application. He is not there to Sell you on a product but to help determine what product is best to use.

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