DigiMesh 900MHz Long Range Mesh Network


Has anyone tried using a DigiMesh 900 MHz RF modem in a drop in network design? That is, has anyone tried replacing the ZB Pro 2.4G modem in an X4 (or X2 or X8) with a DigiMesh 900Mhz modem and upgrading ZB adapters to DigiMesh adapters.

That is, has anyone tried making a long range mesh network using DigiMesh 900Mhz modems and, if so, what are the results?


Yes, some one has and there are changes in the firmware that needed to occur. I would suggest holding off on trying this till Digi has the chance to release the product.


Thanks for the quick reply. Do you know when these changes are exepcted? Any contact at Digi I can talk to about this?

Just watch the web site and then talk to your regional account manager.