Workaround to use DigiMesh for 10Kbps data rate for 900 HP module

I am using DigiMesh protocol at data rate of 200 Kbps in my XBee-PRO 900 HP modules. As a fact using 10 Kbps data rate significantly boosts the communication range and I observed the same during my testing. But the issue is DigiMesh is not supported on 10Kbps firmware.
Is there any workaround to use DigiMesh at 10 Kbps? I can use programmable xbees if I have to.

In a separate context from above, my application design does not require high data throughput so I am comfortably using data rate of 10 Kbps for my 900 HP modules.
Is there some settings, or update or any workaround I could use to ‘Lower’ this data rate further? For example, I would be really comfortable using 1 Kbps data rate and if so, what kind of topology options do I would be left with? Unicast, point-to-multipoint etc

No it is not possible. Running at such a slow rate would cause too much of a delay and reduce the throughput to next to nothing over two or 3 hops.

Hello jawad,
I am also using hp900 modules.
Can u please tell what how u power the xbees? I meant to say did u power them directly from the usb adapter or use a seperate supply source? Because in my case i am not getting a very satifying range (~40 ft outdoor) with high gain antenna.

Are there any specifics configuration in xctu which i have to do in order for them to communicate in a long range?