Intermediate 110 kbps DigiMesh firmware for 900HP S3B modules ?


I’m currently using 900HP S3B modules with the 200Kbps DigiMesh firmware in my network. Problem is that i need longer range transmission but still use the DigiMesh capabilities of it. DigiMesh is not available for the long range 10 Kbps S3B firmware.

I was checking on the XBee SX modules datasheet and there is a command to set the RF data rate there:

ATBR (RF Data Rate)
0 - 10 kb/s -113 dBm (P2MP)
1 - 110 kb/s -106 dBm (DigiMesh)
2 - 250 kb/s -103 dBm (DigiMesh)

As in the S3B modules, the SX doesn’t support DigiMesh protocol if ATBR = 0 (10 kbps). But it does accept DigiMesh if ATBR = 1 (110 kbps).
So i was wondering if Digi could also release a middle term data rate firmware for the S3B ? A 110 Kbps like the SX modules.

Also, i didn’t find in the SX datasheet the distance range when ATBR = 1, only for ATBR = 0 (Up to 14.5 km).

That is something you would need to bring up with Digi Sales.